Windows Live Photo Gallery 2012 16.4.3528.331

Free Windows program allows you to view, organize, edit and even print your favorite photos

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    Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 8

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Windows Live Photo Gallery 2012 16.4.3528.331
Windows Live Photo Gallery 2012 12.0.1308.1023

Windows Live Photo Gallery is an app designed for devices with a Windows operating system that lets you view all pictures on that device and do some basic editing too. Though most computers that use Windows now come with this app or a similar one already installed, you can download and use this app on devices running an older or newer version of Windows.

This app makes it easy to find any photo saved on your computer because you can tell it exactly where to look, and you have the option of importing all photos to the app or only those you want to select. It now only shows you small thumbnail versions of those photos, but it divides all pictures into different directories based on where it found those images.

Using this app can also help you organize your device too because it lets you add tags to your photos. The next time that you want to view all the photos you took while on vacation, you can choose to look at only those with a specific tag. It also lets you tag individual users in those images like family members and friends. You can choose all images that lack any tags to begin tagging and organizing those pictures.

Opening up any photo in Windows Live Photo Gallery provides you with some basic information. It shows you a complete list of any tags on that image and some meta data such as the name you gave the file and the date and time that you took it. If you want to post those photos online, you can add author data such as your name to the photo, which will prevent others from stealing your work.

This app comes with some image editing tools that are easy to use too, and you can access those tools once you open a file. A sharpen tool removes some of the blurriness in the image to make it look sharper and cleaner, and a saturation tool lets you remove color from images to give your photos a sepia tone or to turn them into black and white pictures. It shows you some of the other effects that you can use and what those effects will look like.

There is even a red eye detector that will find red eyes in the image and fix the colors to make photos look better. If you like doing some basic edits to your photos and want to organize images with tags, Windows Live Photo Gallery is one of the best free apps for you.


  • Comes bundled with different editing tools
  • Gives you the option of saving your edited work
  • Helps you view photos saved under different formats
  • Very easy to work with


  • Can take a long time to install
  • Shows some tools that you need to buy or register the product to use
  • Doesn't include as many tools as you might want

Windows Live Photo Gallery is a program designed around making, storing, finding and sharing your photos in a simple fashion. Complete with an easy to navigate interface, it also provides you with some basic editing software for small touch-ups on all your photos. Completely free with no trial period, this is one of the best image gallery programs available to download. Moreover, since it is updated by Windows, you know it’s safe and constantly updated. Optimized to work with Windows 7 or higher, it is a larger program that relies heavily on newer technology and processing speed.

The images can be imported from cameras, phones, other devices, CDs, or DVDs so long as they are saved as a basic image file type. Once uploaded, the photos can then be edited in minor ways but also some creative ways. The Photo Gallery allows you to create a panorama from multiple photos at a single vantage point. It lets you build a collage of seven or more photos that can be grouped together. Lastly, it lets you fuse two or more photos together to expand a smaller image into a larger one. The basic editing allows you to fix the composition, exposure, detail, color, and a few other options. This can either be done quickly with an auto adjust or you can edit each one individually with a fine tune. Once edited, there are multiple slide show options available to build a unique and enjoyable automated viewing experience of the album. From there, the photos can be sent directly from the Photo Gallery to your friends and family either through e-mail or by publishing them online to your blog or website. Additional pieces may require more downloads but once you have what you want, you will not need to download anything else.

With such great variety combined with the necessary basics of photo editing, Windows Live Photo Gallery is the best choice for anyone needing a straightforward, all-in-one gallery. Though a large program and only usable with newer versions of window, it provides everything you need to manage your photos quickly and easily. By combining editing, organization, and sharing, this gallery is the answer to all your photo gallery needs.


  • Free
  • Clean and efficient


  • Large file
  • Only for Windows 7 or higher
  • May require additional downloads

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